Conservation Coalition

Forest Plan Revision

The public has a rare opportunity to protect, restore and significantly expand diverse wildlands across three National Forests in western Colorado. In June, 2017 the Grand Mesa-Gunnison-Uncompahgre National Forests (GMUG) initiated Forest Plan revision, a process that will shape management and on-the-ground decisions across 3,161,900 acres of public land. Forest Plans provide a general framework to guide a forest in managing its resources, goods and services. Because Forest Plans are revised at-most every fifteen years, this process will shape management decisions and on-the-ground conditions for decades to come. The GMUG’s 34-year old Forest Plan is outdated, increasingly irrelevant, and unable to manage the tremendous user growth and environmental changes that the landscape has experienced over the past three decades.

New guidance in the Forest Service’s 2012 Planning Rule directs forest plans to be science-based and developed with extensive public involvement. Below are a few helpful links to provide some background on the GMUG forest planning efforts.